Another Milestone: 208

So, the last couple months have been hard. I should have broken 50 pounds back in May, but with moving and shuttle missions, my routine just seemed to go out the window.

I got into the groove through the beginning of May, and it was great – pretty much steadily losing 2 pounds a week. But – especially during the shuttle mission that took up the last two weeks of May – I found it impossible to go to the gym at my usual time, which translated to me not going to the gym with any regularity for two weeks. So, my weight hovered around 212 for most of the month. However, I’ve managed to get back on the horse, and – as of last Friday, 6/5 – I weigh 208 pounds. That’s a total of 52 pounds lost.

To add to the encouragement, I’ve found that most of my clothes are so big now I can’t wear them without looking completely ridiculous. Pretty much since starting college, I’ve been wearing XL shirts. For the last several years, I’ve been wearing 40-waist jeans (42 slacks). Around February or March, I bought a pair of 38 jeans, and earlier this month, I got into some 36s. I was INCREDIBLY excited! Not only that, but I actually put on a shirt size LARGE. In the picture above, I’m wearing a large shirt and 36-waist jeans.

I got pretty discouraged for a while, but God has blessed me with a renewed vigor and determination. Only 28 pounds left to go!


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