Roller Coaster

The Weight-Loss Roller Coaster

The weight-loss roller coaster. If only it were this much fun.

Losing weight is a roller coaster ride, that’s for sure. In the past, I’ve come out of the gate at break-neck speed, and the pounds have come off in no time at all. Then things have slowed to a crawl as my weight has started climbing again.

The problem is that I’m a little OCD. (My wife might say, “A little?!”) I know they say you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day, but I just can’t help myself (on the off chance that I’ve dropped some poundage). Worse, if I stop weighing myself every day, that’s a sure sign that I’m giving up.

So, how to deal with it? I’ve tried to make sure that I’m fully aware that my weight will fluctuate (sometimes drastically) over the course of a week, but as long as it’s on a general downward trend, things are going well. That can be hard, though.

What about you? How do you deal with the weight-loss roller coaster?


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