Fat Man Triumphant

Getting Moving

I was running! (Disclaimer, these are not my feet.)

It may be a minor victory to many, but to me, today began with great triumph.

Overweight as I am, I have tried for the last couple years to maintain a habit of exercise. I went to the gym for a while, but there was a lot of hassle involved in scheduling that so in October 2011, I decided to start running. We’d just moved into a big, quiet neighborhood with a couple of parks nearby, so I thought it’d be a great place to start.  I could do it whenever I wanted (preferably in the dark when there was no one around to see).  Running in the morning before breakfast seemed like a win/win.

One of my first runs

It took me a few months, but eventually, I was able to run the entire 30 minutes/2+ miles without walking.  Granted, my running was slow (and still is – Lose It! doesn’t even recognize the speed at which I run to be actual running!), but my heart rate was up, and I was burning calories!  On April 18, 2012, I hit my high point.

Then, the first week of May, my back went out.  I still don’t know what happened, but I was unable to run until the end of June.  I was never able to get back to where I’d been.  Every morning was a combination run/walk.

Then in September, I was laid off, and that was right around the time when I started developing foot pain.  With my foot hurting and nothing getting me up in the mornings, I quit.

I started walking last month upon restarting my weight-loss quest.  Then, this morning – probably fired up by my new shoe purchase – I decided to go for a run.  It was like the last few months never happened!  I made the whole 2.24 miles WITHOUT WALKING!

I’m going to fight hard to keep this up, but I have no illusions about tomorrow.  I’m just going to thank God for this victory and fight for more like it.


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