New to My Fitness Arsenal: Polar H7

Polar H7

Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor

Picked up the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate sensor this weekend. Tested it out a couple times on walks with the family. The unit itself seems to work pretty well. It synced easily with all three iPhone apps I tried (RunKeeper, Endomondo, and Polar’s own Polar Beat.)

The real issue for me – and the reason I purchased a new heart rate monitor – is that of calories burned. Each app calculates calories differently, apparently, with RunKeeper on the low end, Endomondo on the high, and Polar Beat in the middle. RunKeeper appears not to use the heart rate data in calculating calories burned, which is a problem. My gut instinct is to trust Polar Beat because Polar has years of experience in this kind of thing and because its results fell in the middle.

It’ll get put to the real test tomorrow when I take it on a run.

So, what works for you in determining your calorie burn on a given exercise? Do you trust estimates or use something more technical?


One thought on “New to My Fitness Arsenal: Polar H7

  1. So glad I found your blog! I did a search on H7 and Lose It! to see if they connect. I love my H7 and now am getting back on board with tracking in Lose It. I’m not a fan of diet or exercise but at least I can combine my obsession for gadgets with it to make it an easier (and more fun) experience!

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