A Day of Breakthroughs

15.2 Pounds!

Only 64.8 more to go!

I’d like to give some props to my scale today. We are often at odds, but it has always supported me – at least for a few seconds each morning while I’m standing on it.

It told me this morning that I have officially broken the 15-pound mark! I’ve lost 15.2 pounds!  Given the amount of food I ate on Easter Sunday, this is a real victory for me.  I was able to get back on path and continue the journey on Monday without letting that one day of celebration defeat me.  Thank you God!

Record-breaking pace!

Hey, I’m slow, but I’m fat, too!

Not only that, but I achieved my fastest running/jogging pace yet: 13:09/mile!  My previous record was 13:29/mile, which I hit on April 18 of last year. I took a six-week break from running in May-June due to some back issues.  I was never really able to get back on track after that.  Then, I was laid off from my job at Johnson Space Center in September, got discouraged, had some foot problems, and quit running until February 11.

So this feels like a great victory for me.  I really thought it would be some time before I was able to top my best pace, but then today, it happened!  And I beat it by 20 seconds!  Granted, RunKeeper – or any other app, for that matter – may not be the most accurate way to measure my pace, but it’s clear that I did go faster today than I’ve gone before.

Small victories are victories nonetheless.  Revel in them, and eventually, they will lead you to the larger victories.


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