Smaller, Lighter… and Faster!

Getting Faster!

RunKeeper tells me I’m getting faster!

Another breakthrough this morning: I broke through the 13-minute mile barrier!  My fastest average pace in running prior to today was 13:09 per mile.  This morning – despite feeling at the start like I really wasn’t going to do well – I averaged 12:43 per mile.

I’ve been doing this running thing for a little while.  (I started in October 2011.)  I’ve always struggled.  A lot of that was my weight, but I never really knew how to improve my running.  So my pace really just stayed around the same speed for a long time.

Well, last week, I finally took the time to sit down and talk with some friends who are runners (duh!) and, on their advice, I began doing some intervals (alternating a slow pace with a faster pace for predetermined brief periods).  I’ve been jogging the first 20 minutes each day at my normal pace, then doing intervals the last 10 minutes, and it appears to be paying off.

What do you runners out there do to improve your pace?


One thought on “Smaller, Lighter… and Faster!

  1. I’ve started (again) running myself. I was very athletic in HS, and to some degree I still was in college, and I still think of myself that way… that is, until I do something athletic… Sin, death, decay… 😉 I’ve started doing “barefoot running” (though I wear toe shoes). It was a rude awakening at first, but it’s so much better on my knees and back. I’m still trying to find a rhythm, but I always feel better when I do run (and I’m hoping it helps my cholesterol too) Stick with it! “Physical exercise is of some value” 1Tim 4:8

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