Back on Track – and 26 Pounds Down!

25 pounds down!

You’re talking to a member of Loseit‘s 25 Pound Club!

Remember that weight-loss roller coaster we talked about a while back? It got me again! I didn’t get off track – I stuck with my plan (with a couple of deliberate and small detours), stayed within my calorie budget, and kept exercising. In fact, I broke my personal record for fastest pace in running TWICE. But my weight went crazy!

However, I stayed the course, and yesterday, I passed the 25-pound mark. This morning, I weighed in at 233.6 – 26.4 pounds down.

Here’s what happened: I hit 237.8 pounds on Wednesday, April 17, and a low point (a good thing in the weight-loss world!) of 236.2 pounds on Thursday, April 18. (That’s down from 239.8 the previous Thursday – 3.6 pounds.) Here’s the kind of pattern my journey has followed for the last month or so – I’ll drop two pounds over two days in the middle of the week, and my weight will stabilize – perhaps go up slightly – until the middle or end of the following week. Well, I went up about 3 pounds on Friday, April 19. I thought, “That’s really unusual.”

Then, it felt like nothing happened (in reality my weight was gradually going back down) until the middle of the following week, when I was back down in the 236 range. I was a little discouraged, but I managed to stay on track. That Saturday, April 27, I was down to 235.6 and stabilized there.

I essentially kept up with my goal of losing 2 pounds a week, but the way it happened was pretty discouraging for me because it felt like things came to a standstill. I lost nearly four pounds one week, gained almost all of it back, and lost it again the next week without really changing anything! If not for my increased speed in running/jogging (I’m now down to 12:23/mile), I’d have been really discouraged.

The pattern seems to have reasserted itself this week. My weight’s been stable since Saturday – until yesterday. In the last two days, I’m down 2 pounds. We’ll see what the rest of the week holds.

I hope that you find ways to stick with the plan when your journey becomes discouraging!


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