45 Pounds Down!

45 pounds down!

45 pounds down!

Today has been a good day. The first mile of my run this morning was under 12 minutes – a good run. And my weight is down to 214.6 – a total loss of 45.4 pounds!

I’ve continued to struggle the last couple of months, but the point is to continue the struggle rather than give up. I’m still losing weight. I’m still changing my life.


6 Exercises for Maximum Mobility

Found this interesting blog on stretches to help with mobility for all kinds of athletes in all kinds of activities.



By: David Steinberg

Kayaker Brad Ludden, pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer, Olympic rower Erin Cafaro—they’re not coming to CrossFit San Francisco for traditional coaching. They’re seeking out Kelly Starrett, a doctor of physical therapy, to glean his tips on natural mobility. Starrett preaches that joint range of motion matters beyond just injury prevention or rehab. The real benefit of mobility, he says, is the mechanical advantage: ideal positioning allows for optimal power output. Until you’ve got proper range in all your joints, you simply haven’t discovered your body’s real potential. “The typical athlete is brutally inefficient,” says Starrett. “Improving mechanics by resolving problems with tissue restriction and positioning is like taking the emergency brake off a Ferrari.” Running? Let’s see what you’ve got when a tight hip capsule isn’t ruining your extension. Rowing? Healthy dorsiflexion means you move more water.

For the past year, Starrett has posted daily mobility workouts…

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