Done – 80 Pounds Gone

Before and AfterYesterday, I stepped onto the scale, and I cried.  It read, 179.8.   “Thank you, Jesus,” I said.  I knew I couldn’t have done it on my own.  As of Dec. 19, 2013, I have lost 80.2 pounds

I’d resigned myself to being heavy. I can’t express to you how much better I feel, how much happier I am with my appearance, how much more energy I have.  I have changed.  I’m now a person who cares about being healthy – eating well, exercising – those things are important to me now.  They weren’t before.

My challenge now is one I don’t think I expected.  Ten months ago, I was a habitual overeater.  Since then, I’ve been on a diet.  I realized yesterday that I have to learn to eat normally because I’ve never done it before. I still need your support and prayers, but I am committed to being healthy.  I won’t be the guy I used to be.

Thank you.


A HUGE Day: 60 Pounds Down!

60 Pounds Down!I’m a day late blogging it, but yesterday was most definitely a big day for me.  I weighed in at 199.8 pounds.  That’s 60.2 pounds below my starting weight in February, which is a milestone in and of itself.

The big news – for me at least – is that, for the first time since college (almost 20 years) I weigh less than 200 pounds.  Before I began this weight-loss journey, I’d never thought I’d see a weight that started with a “1” again.  But now, here I am, and I’m still going strong.

I thank God for giving me the strength to stay with this, and I thank you who read this for your continued encouragement and support.  I’m less than 20 pounds from my goal now.  It’s within reach, so I need your encouragement now more than ever.

Aaaannnndddd… there goes 40 pounds!

41.6 pounds down!

41.6 pounds down!

The last several weeks have a been a struggle.  After Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day within about a month’s time, it was tough staying on track.  But the last week or so, I’ve been on track and feeling good.  However, my weight has been pretty much stagnant.

Until the last two days.  This morning, I weighed in at 218.4 pounds.  That ‘s more than two pounds down from a couple weeks ago, and 41.6 pounds total!  I’m more than halfway to my goal weight of 180!

My last time on this weight-loss journey, this is when things started to get difficult.  I finally peaked at a loss of 52 pounds, but things had been difficult – physically and psychologically – for a while before that.  I don’t expect the rest of this journey to be easy.  I know it won’t be.  But I honestly believer that if I can stay on track – continue to lose weight at my current rate – in a couple more weeks I’ll be over the hump and well equipped to lose the rest of this weight.

Now is when I need your encouragement and prayers.  Thank you readers!

35 Pounds Down

Down 35 pounds!

Down 35 pounds!

I’ve had a little struggle with food over the last month. Mother’s Day and Memorial Day provide opportunities to eat – and I took a couple others as well.  While I didn’t backtrack, I definitely stagnated for a couple weeks.

But today, I’m down 35 pounds to 224.6! Getting back on track and still going strong.

30 Pounds in the Dust!

30 Pounds in the Dust!

What just happened? RunKeeper says I’m making progress!

Ladies and gentlemen, I blew right past the 30 pound mark this morning. I’m down to 228.4 pounds! I’m 39% of the way there. This is good news considering that Mother’s Day was Sunday (even though I’m not a mother, there are still copious amounts of food available).

Check out my latest progression photos.

I continue to see that a few opportunities to “cheat” on my weight loss journey are a good thing. I get some freedom, and as long as I get back on the wagon the next day, one day off won’t ruin everything.

If I don’t have some freedom, I’ll never stick with it. I learned that the last time I tried to go down this road.

Back on Track – and 26 Pounds Down!

25 pounds down!

You’re talking to a member of Loseit‘s 25 Pound Club!

Remember that weight-loss roller coaster we talked about a while back? It got me again! I didn’t get off track – I stuck with my plan (with a couple of deliberate and small detours), stayed within my calorie budget, and kept exercising. In fact, I broke my personal record for fastest pace in running TWICE. But my weight went crazy!

However, I stayed the course, and yesterday, I passed the 25-pound mark. This morning, I weighed in at 233.6 – 26.4 pounds down.

Here’s what happened: I hit 237.8 pounds on Wednesday, April 17, and a low point (a good thing in the weight-loss world!) of 236.2 pounds on Thursday, April 18. (That’s down from 239.8 the previous Thursday – 3.6 pounds.) Here’s the kind of pattern my journey has followed for the last month or so – I’ll drop two pounds over two days in the middle of the week, and my weight will stabilize – perhaps go up slightly – until the middle or end of the following week. Well, I went up about 3 pounds on Friday, April 19. I thought, “That’s really unusual.”

Then, it felt like nothing happened (in reality my weight was gradually going back down) until the middle of the following week, when I was back down in the 236 range. I was a little discouraged, but I managed to stay on track. That Saturday, April 27, I was down to 235.6 and stabilized there.

I essentially kept up with my goal of losing 2 pounds a week, but the way it happened was pretty discouraging for me because it felt like things came to a standstill. I lost nearly four pounds one week, gained almost all of it back, and lost it again the next week without really changing anything! If not for my increased speed in running/jogging (I’m now down to 12:23/mile), I’d have been really discouraged.

The pattern seems to have reasserted itself this week. My weight’s been stable since Saturday – until yesterday. In the last two days, I’m down 2 pounds. We’ll see what the rest of the week holds.

I hope that you find ways to stick with the plan when your journey becomes discouraging!